First Post for Blog about the stuff I do

14 Jun

I know, I know, it’s a long time coming. It’s almost embarrassing to admit that i haven’t had a professional blog under my own name/brand.  Sure, I have blogged-a-plenty. Sure I have non-work ideas that I want to throw into the ether, but at this point in my career, I need to face the music and blog about what I do.

In my research phase of the book, over the past few days I have discovered some delightful new blogs and I have also discovered many new faces in our tiny little club of Online Community Afficianados.

Here are a couple whom I have liked:

They are all smart, insightful folks.  I wish I had a chance to know about them before I went to the Online Community Unconference.

SO, I am currently seeking interviewees for the book. I am aiming high and with big guns.  I am asking the rockstars, in the rare instance that they might be humble enough to answer my questions.


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