My Workflow Process for the Book Project

15 Jun

As my lovely and talented boss, Marnie Webb has observed, I am an instinctive about what I do and how I do it, in terms of online community work. She actually doesn’t yet know that this is also how the great strategy of my life is planned. I am fairly certain that this is not entirely a compliment, but I can’t sit around worrying about the way I process information.

In general, I know that I am not organized, and that I create somewhat elaborate work-arounds to help me get organized.

I am not one to navel-gaze, and I think overly self-evaluative people are a little self-indulgent and are victims of too much free time. Having said that, this much I know to be true: I have a hard time being a teacher and being a student. I like to think I have vision, but I stumble a lot and I am a learn-by-doing kind of person. I am good at getting lots of people to do stuff for free. I am a strong believer of harnessing the energy of the community and letting the leaders lead and taking a back seat to the desire and direction of the community.

With that, I am developing a process for the writing of the book that works with the kind of personality I have and taking into account the ADD aspects of it. I am probably not going to want to talk about the project that much, b/c it will stress me out. So, I will probably just refer people to this blog for updates.

The process will go something like this:

  1. I’ll fill out the skeletal framework here on my new wiki
  2. I will dig around in my head and on the web for people that I want to interview and I will ask them the questions that I develop.
  3. I will record my observations and musings here, on this blog, creating a record of the stuff in my head
  4. I will further develop the structure of the chapters, resulting from the interviews on the aforementioned wiki.
  5. I will write them up a bit.
  6. I will tweet about it.

There you have it. Simple as pie.


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