Thinking about digital storytelling

11 Apr

As you may know, we had our 2nd annual month-long Digital Storytelling campaign and challenge recently. This was a fun-filled event with many components and online elements that were tied together with one hashtag #TSDIGS (twitter, tweet-chat, YouTube, Webinars, Facebook, Flickr, Delicious).

The purpose of the campaign was four-fold:

  1. To show nonprofits how to have an online campaign across various platforms, over an extended period of time, using a hashtag.
  2. To show nonprofits that they can easily tell their story, for free, and make it interactive and engaging, instead of what they previously had on a two-dimensional website
  3. To create community in the act of learning about Digital Stories and sharing them with each other
  4. To introduce the products we have on TechSoup that help people get those stories made.

Adding a competitive element with prizes is often helpful in making people want to participate. The stats were really difficult to track on this event, because there are so many directions to take social media reporting (is it more valuable to “Like” on Facebook or to ReTweet something?)

With that caveat, you can see the overview, summary and lessons-learned from the campaign here

Highlights: Educational Resources go over well, getting influential guest hosts with large networks to help boost interest and participation, Time-sensitive/deadline oriented tweets with urgency are more often RT’d, and images and videos encourage more interaction on Facebook.

No big shockers there! It all lends itself to the theory that I subscribe to: Online Community Metrics Suck. I’ll be talking more about this at this event

We intend to continue this campaign every year and include Digital Storytelling as an updated section of the site, so I would appreciate your feedback, if you have any.


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