Monitor Misspellings and posting aloud

17 Oct

In my preparation for the talk I’m giving today at the Hawaii Social Media Summit, I was thinking about Social Mention, Hootsuite and Netvibes and how I don’t only monitor the correct spellings of names, I also monitor misspellings and names without an @ symbol. For example, I’m certain that the person/team monitoring Facebook’s sentiment does it with a sentiment analysis tool. However, when you set these tools or dashboards up, you need to account for common misspellings, people forgetting to put an @ in front of the twitter account, adding a space btw Face and Book, etc.

Similarly, when you are publishing a post to a social network, remember that you are posting aloud and you have an audience, so when you are tweeting, why not make it easier for the subject whom you are tweeting about to find your comment?

Make sure you @mention them, so they can easily hear and reply to your tweet. Another benefit of this is that those who are reading your posts will also have a clear path to that subject matter expert and potentially follow them.

It seems obvious to some but not applied by many, whether due to laziness or ignorance, but my point is not to chastise whom is tweeting incorrectly, but more to point out the importance of these three important factors:

  1. Monitor various spellings and misspellings
  2. Make sure to search for correct twitter account name or page and @ mention or link to it, if you are mentioning a person or company in twitter.

Of course, in cases like Facebook or Twitter, I’m not so concerned about their ability to hear what I’m saying or to drive traffic their way, which is why I choose to not @ mention them. I’m a rebel that way.


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