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Thinking about Facebook Connect

15 Jun

I am still a little fuzzy about all the instances that a site could implement FB Connect. I know that it allows you to discuss what occurs on a particular site with your Facebook friends. I also know that it allows you to bring more users to the site that implements it, b/c in your connection to Facebook, you are also, in turn, promoting your comment to your own FB network, who may not have thought about going to that site. It makes the network-within-a-network factor easier to happen. It makes more sense for TechSoup to implement FB Connect, for example, than not. This is because a user may want to highlight a post on our blog, or an article, and their comments beneath it, but would love the feedback of their own pre-sorted community (in this case, the NP Tech community.)

So, it makes sense for a site and it makes sense for a user/commenter/engager.

I read this article Six Months In, The 10 most Interesting Cases of Facebook Connect and I was distressed to see that none of these cases were coming from Nonprofits.

Do you know of any?

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